security employees standing in front of buildingWelcome to Hartnell 社区 College

校园安全 and Security

Hartnell partners with GSG Protective Services to help deliver security services and maintain a safe and secure environment for the District 24 hours a day, 365 days a 一年.

We maintain cooperative working relationships with local, state and federal agencies and also engage our entire community to keep our campus safe.   

The 校园安全 Office is located in E栋115室 on Main Campus, at 411 Central Avenue, Salinas.

 In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency call 911 

报告 其他 紧急情况: Call Campus Security at:

Main Campus:  (831) 755-6888
Alisal校园:  (831) 770-7004
Castroville Education Center:  (831) 770-7006
Soledad Education Center:  (831) 386-7116
King City Education Center:  (831) 386-7131  

Our Main Campus and Alisal 校园安全 Office is operational 24 hours a day, 一年-round, and exists to provide safety and security for students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Its responsibilities govern District property. Staff members have no police powers.

Safety officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services, including all crime reports and enforcement of District safety regulations. 他们有手机 telephone-radio system, which provides them with the capability of summoning a police officer when required.

The 校园安全 Office works closely with the Salinas Police Department. 自 campus is within the City of Salinas, the Salinas Police Department responds to the campus when immediate support is needed. The Salinas Police Department generously provides assistance upon request to include patrol responses, canines, crowd control at major events, and 其他 law enforcement needs.

Annual 校园安全 and Security Report

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Campus 犯罪统计数据 Act (also known as the 校园安全 and Security Report), is provided in compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. The report informs the campus community about important procedures, policies, crime prevention programs, and campus crime 统计数据. The report can be accessed at the Hartnell 校园安全 and Security 网页. Hard copies of the report may also be obtained from the Office of 招生 和记录. Prospective employees and students are afforded the same information at the time they obtain an application for employment or admission. 任何人都可以 have access to the report.

Compilation of information for the report as well as criminal statistical data as required by the Act is accomplished through cooperative efforts with Student Affairs, 人力资源, Deans, the Athletic Director, team coaches, and advisors to student 组织. 

Annual Security Report Emergency Action Plan

Student Rights, Grievances, and Complaints
Administrative Procedure 5530


  • 约瑟夫·雷耶斯
    Executive Director - Facilities Planning and Construction Management

    电话: 831 755-6814
    办公室: E107-B
    Main Campus, Bldg E - College Administration
  • Graciano门多萨
    Vice President of Administrative Services
    电话: 831 755-6914
    办公室: E-107
    Main Campus Bldg E - College Administration
  • 埃德温娜Tangitau
    Director of Public Safety, GSG Protective Services

    电话: 831 770-7013
    办公室: E-115
    Main Campus, Bldg E - 校园安全
  • Dianna玫瑰
    Vice President  HR/均等就业机会 - 第九条 Officer 
    电话: 831-755-6706
    建筑: Main Campus, 411 Central Avenue, Salinas