Meta-Majors — A Path to Your Future

Meta-Majors at Hartnell College allow you to discover your passions, take the courses you need, meet like-minded students and graduate ready to transfer to a four-year university or immediately begin your career.

The key to Meta-Majors is the Program Mapper, which provides career data, academic program descriptions and easy-to-use guides to course requirements for each degrees and certificate within those programs.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to Meta-Majors:

Click on the icons below to access additional information about each of Hartnell's five Meta-Majors, including Educational Path pages that guide you to get the most out of each stage in your student experience.

What is a Meta-Major?

Meta-Majors are collections of academic majors (degrees and certificates) within a career area that have related courses. Understanding your Meta-Major will help you choose a major and degree based on your interests, knowledge, skills and abilities.  Identifying with a Meta-Major will also help you choose classes that relate to a specific degree — achieving your academic goals as efficiently as possible.

Using the Meta-Majors Program Mapper

  • Webpages within Hartnell's Program Mapper are grouped by Meta-Major. Start by selecting a specific Meta-Major (click on icons above).
  • Once you've selected the Meta-Major of choice and proceed to its Program Mapper page, you'll see the Certificates and Degrees Map, which lists the various degrees, certificates and awards available to explore at Hartnell College.
  • Below that is the Career Explorer, which presents potential careers and occupations with descriptions, job growth predictions, and average expected salary range.
  • To learn more about a specific certificate or degree, select it to continue.
  • On the next page, you will find a brief description of the degree and a term-by-term mapping to effectively and efficiently choose the correct courses towards completion.
  • After exploration and selection of your preferred Meta-Major, it is important to schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor in order to create an Individualized Educational Plan.


Tips for Getting Started

If you're not sure where to start, take our Career Quiz to help you determine where your greatest natural interests and abilities may take you. You can also get help by meeting with a counselor or visiting the Transfer & Career Center to explore additional resources they offer.