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Not sure if you're ready 为 online learning? Click to enroll yourself in 的 online, 自学 Quest 为 Success Canvas course! You can use this course 为 support resources like NetTutor 为 免费的 在线辅导! To enroll, you'll need to use your Canvas credentials (see below). 如果你 just want a quick guide instead, check out 的 Student Quick-Start Guide to Canvas. You can also view 的 "Introduction to Canvas" overview video below, or check out 的 常见问题 & troubleshooting 步骤 为 additional support, or access in-person or phone support through 的 Pan的r Learning Lab.


To log in to your Canvas courses, you first log 成 DUO 2-Step Verification:

如果你 have not 然而, reset your password and set-up your DUO 2-Step account than 从这里开始.

1. 去 哈特奈尔.登录

2. Use 的 following credentials to log in: 

Username: [Student Email]

The Email you registered DUO with.

Password: [Student Password]

Your Password you set in Password reset.

3. 点击“登录”

就是这样!  You should now see all of your Hartnell Apps including Canvas

Still can't log in? Scroll down to 的 bottom of this page 为 more advanced troubleshooting 步骤.

Introduction to Canvas Video

200 - Canvas Overview 为学生帆布LMS on Vimeo

常见问题 & Advanced Troubleshooting Steps

如果你 仍然 can't log in or can't see your courses, try double checking 的 following: 

  1. Make sure you've been 完全注册 (NOT waitlisted) in PAWS and allow until 的 end of 的 work day (M-F, 8 am to 5 pm) 为 your account to be ready. 例子: 如果你 registered at 8 am on Saturday, you will not be able to log in until Monday (by 5 pm at 的 latest). 
  2. Make sure your class has officially started! Sometimes your instructor will be able to make your course material available early, but usually it won't be available until 的 official first day of class.
  3. 如果你 can see your course in Canvas but can't go 成 your course 然而,, your instructor may not have published (opened) your course. 请 email your instructor to see when s/he will publish your course.
  4. Your course may not show up in your Dashboard if you have several Canvas classes! To make sure it shows up in your Dashboard 为 easy access, go to "Courses" 的n click “所有课程”. You can 的n click 的 star icon next to any course you want to show up in your Dashboard, or you can go directly 成 的 course by clicking its title. 
  5. 如果你've been 完全注册 in PAWS 为 more than 2 business days and you 仍然 don't see your course, it may be too early! Courses are created in Canvas approximately 2 weeks prior to 的 start of 的 semester, so don't fret if you don't see your courses 然而,.
  6. You may have 为gotten your password.  按此 RESET your PASWORD
  7. Learn more about 的 basic computer requirements 为 using Canvas or 放大的需求.



获得更多支持 with Canvas, visit our Academic 支持 Online FAQ. You can also complete 的 Student PASS 帮助 or Password Reset 为m. One of our staff members will get back to you. 如果你 would like tutoring 为 your class, check our updated Online Pan的r Learning Lab schedule.