What is the 易世博 CatCard?

The 易世博 CatCard (electronic ID 卡) is the official identification, 图书馆 卡, and on-campus debit 卡 for 易世博 students. 我们将不会发出硬拷贝.

Please see below for information on Cat Card services:

  • CatCards will be valid for an entire academic year (August –July).
  • Current funds will remain on your Cat Card for future use, however, no additional funds will be added to the Cat卡.
  • 易世博你的资金的问题 can be answered at the Hartnell 业务办公室, email business-office@哈特奈尔.edu
注意: Your CatCard will be activated at the start of each academic year, typically each August, and expire at the end of the summer session, typically late July.


步骤1: 请按照以下步骤操作


  1. Download the TouchNet 360U App on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  2. Select Hartnell 社区 College as your institution
  3. Login 用你的哈特奈尔两人证书. (如有需要,请重新设置密码 DUO登录)
  4. (Upload photo if needed) Swipe left to access your 猫卡



  • Photo must display full head from top of hair to bottom of chin
  • Center your head within the frame, face forward (无倾斜或侧视图)
  • 没有太阳镜或帽子 没有过滤器
  • Use a neutral background - not in car or outdoors
  • A 绿色弹出 will appear if your photo was accepted.
  • 如果一个 红色的弹出 显示,照片未被接受.
  • Allow 48 hours for your photo to transfer to the app.



If you receive a "Declined" or "Invalid" message:

1. 你可以 只有 访问您的猫卡 the semester you are 目前 enrolled in.

2. Your CatCard will not be activated until the start of the semester.

3. 卸载应用程序,然后重新安装. 然后重试登录.

4. You may need to reset your DUO password. 导航到 哈特奈尔两人 更改密码.

If you receive an "Account is Already Assigned" message:

1. If you received a new cellphone device, uninstall the app on your old phone and download the 'TouchNet 360u' app on your new phone.

2. Your new phone/app will state "Account is Already Assigned."

3. Visit the Office of Student Life, log into your cat卡.哈特奈尔.edu portal to provide identity verification, and we can unregister your old device. Allow 24 hours for your account to unregister.

4. 重新登录您的新手机/应用程序.

If your account says "Inactive" or if you are unable to pay with your CatCard:

1. 登录 cat卡.哈特奈尔.edu 用你的哈特奈尔两人证书.

2. Click on 'Account' (three lines in upper right corner), then 'Activate/Deactivate.'

3. Select 'Confirm' to activate your 卡. A green pop up will appear when confirmed.

If your account says "Expired" when attempting to use funds:

1. 你一定是 目前 enrolled and registered in courses to access your funds - even if funds were provided 在前几个学期.

If you see a white or black background, or do not see your ID in the app:

1. Visit the Office of Student Life, log into your cat卡.哈特奈尔.edu portal to provide identity verification, and we can update the background.

If you are still having technical issues you may 提交罚单 寻求帮助.

Your CatCard can be used for the following:

  • 餐厅/星巴克 - Your CatCard can be used to purchase food and drink items on campus. 使用 your CatCard, log in and open the app at the register. 然后将扣除资金 从你的余额中.
  • 复印机/印刷美元 - Money is required to use any printer or copier on campus. 资金将被扣除 从你的余额中. For more information on how to use campus printers, visit 在这里.
  • 图书馆 -您的猫卡作为您的 图书馆 卡.
  • 书店 - Your CatCard can be used to purchase items in the 易世博 书店.
  • 公共交通 - Your CatCard is your college identification 卡 with 蒙特雷-萨利纳斯捷运(MST). You must have a current semester ID to use the MST.
  • 商人的折扣 - Local merchants may provide student discounts.


The CatCard can be used to obtain various on-campus services such as:

  • 参加体育赛事
  • 参加西部舞台活动
  • 健身实验室/举重室入口
  • Identification for Hartnell Student Services
  • Receive benefits and services provided by the Office of Student Life and ASHC
  • 使用各种图书馆服务

学生 have the following CatCard care responsibilities:

  • 易世博 is not responsible for cash balances and/or services obtained through 遗失或被盗卡
  • 你必须保护好你的猫卡
  • Your Student ID number is stated on the back of the 卡
  • You are responsible for all transactions on the 卡 until it is reported lost
  • Your CatCard must be shown on demand to any officer of 易世博

易世博你的资金的问题 can be answered at the Hartnell 业务办公室, business-office@哈特奈尔.edu

  • If you wish to deposit money onto your CatCard, log into cat卡.哈特奈尔.edu.
  • Select 'ADD CASH,' and follow the instructions.
  • You may 不 withdraw money from your account. 如果有意外存款, 请浏览 B楼的收银处 提交支票请求.

注意: You must use any personal funds deposited into your CatCard during the semester it was deposited - deposited funds will not transfer to the next semester.

  • 第一个cat卡.哈特奈尔.edu 上传照片.
  • This is an official 易世博 ID, 社交媒体图片. Your picture will be rejected until it meets the criteria 说明中如上所述.
  • 如果你安装了这两个应用程序, DELETE/UNINSTALL the 'TouchNet OneCard VIP' app and use the 'TouchNet 360u' app.

Due to the increased volume of callers, please refer to the 'Trouble Logging In' section above 寻求帮助 with logging into your app.




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