calworks标志The 易世博 CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity 和 Responsibility to Kids) 程序 is a state funded 程序 designed to provide academic support for CalWORKs参与者 to succeed in both their educational 和 employment goals. 作为CalWORKs的参与者 at 易世博, individuals join a supportive group that acts as a liaison between the student 和 他们的居住地, as well as provides support services.


Are you interested in being part of the CalWORKs 程序? 查看我们的资格 需求 to see how you can qualify 和 apply today.

Eligible Participants must meet the following 需求: 

  • 一定是电流 CalWORKs or TANF Cash Aid recipient (For student 和 their children/dependents).
  • Must have at least one child or dependent under the age of 18.
  • Student has, or is currently developing, a Welfare-to-Work (WTW) plan referring them to the college for education 和 training, unless they qualify for an exemption from 他们的居住地.
  • Enrolled in Credit or Non-Credit courses at 易世博 (No unit minimum). 
  • 学生 must fulfill their work participation 需求 in order to remain eligible 接收CalWORKs服务.


CalWORKs students 收到 first-tier priority registration, meaning they register one day before the general student population 和 other priority groups. For more information about registration, including priority registration dates, please 查看 登记 网页.

Assigned 易世博 CalWORKs Counselor

Our dedicated CalWORKs counselor will develop an educational plan that's in accordance with the student's Welfare-to-Work plan. Our counselor acts as a liaison between Hartnell College 和 the students' county of residence.

Advanced St和ard Payment for 所有 Required Materials

所有 required course materials will be paid for by the county of residence through the county's Advanced St和ard Payment 和 reimbursement process. 全日制学生可 收到 $500, 和 part-time students may 收到 $250. 学生 are able to keep all funds from the Advanced St和ard Payment. If the cost of books 和 supplies is higher than the Advance St和ard Payment, students 可要求报销. Please consult with your case worker for more information.


CalWORKs工作研究 是一个校内活动 employment opportunity available to students in the CalWORKs 程序. 收入 from a CalWORKs工作研究 position will not affect the student's cash aid award, 和 the student may be able to use their work hours to satisfy their work participation 需求.


CalWORKs students can borrow textbooks, Chromebooks, 和 calculators for free through 我们办公室的借阅图书馆. 图书馆 items are released on a first-come, first-served basis to our students every semester. 别忘了看看我们有没有 what you need before you pay for any materials out of pocket; check out the 外借图书馆图书目录! 点击这里填写表格 图书馆借阅合同.


Other supportive services include workshops 和 e通风口,free printing at the CalWORKs office, free scantrons, 和 school supplies.

步骤1.  学生 new to 易世博 must first complete the 易世博 注册步骤, which include an admissions application to the college, obtaining a 易世博 Student ID, 和 registration in at least one course, before applying to the CalWORKs 程序.

步骤2. 请求 核实利益(VOB) 和 "Referral" from your CalWORKs case worker. Be sure to speak with your case worker about attending 易世博. 我们的学生 must have, or be currently developing, a welfare-to-work (WTW) plan that refers them to the college for education 和 training, unless deemed exempt.

步骤3. 完成 易世博 CalWORKs Application 在线. CalWORKS申请人必须申请加载电流 核实利益(VOB) 和 a copy of their "Referral" to their 在线 application or email their documents to


"Supporting parenting students who are changing their own lives, two generations at 一次."


bgi /保健计划

Many CalWORKs students meet the eligibility criteria for the bgi的 护理 项目. The bgi的/护理 程序 is a student support 程序 designed to provide services to students who are single parents, head of household, 和 receiving CalWORKs Cash Aid. The services offered to students in the bgi的/护理 程序 are 除了…之外 CalWORKs benefits 和 financial aid benefits.


易世博 is here to support students with dependent children to achieve academic success 和 complete their academic 程序. 易世博 provides a wide range of State, on-campus, 和 off-campus student parent services 和 resources. 参观 学生的父母 resource page for more information.


  • bgi,保健 & CalWORKs办公室
    电话: 831-755-6860
    建筑: 主校区B栋
    办公室: 241房间
  • Dr. 南希·雷耶斯
    bgi,保健 和 CalWORKs Counselor
    电话: 831-755-6920
    建筑: 主校区B栋
    办公室: 241房间